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I love flowers.  I used to wait for my loved one to buy me flowers until one day I thought, “Wait a minute!  I can buy my own flowers thank you very much.”  I have never looked back.  Something so simple as having flowers around brings me real joy.

So when I saw these stunning peonies I could not resist.  They have brought me so much joy over the last two days.  I bring them with me from room to room.  If I am going to be working in my office I bring them to my desk.  If I am making dinner I bring them to the kitchen.  If we are having a meal I bring them to the dining table.  They follow me and feed me with joy.  Just looking a their beauty makes me feel happy.

So to celebrate my flowers, to give them “purpose”, I am launching my blog!  It has been ruminating in my brain for about two years now, yearning to be born.  But my perfectionist tendencies have stopped me time and again.  So here it is, my imperfect blog.  Please join me and subscribe.   I will write about things to bring a little joy into your life… and mine.

What simple thing can you do to bring a little joy into your life today?

Treat yourself!

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