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How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m too old to do that”, I know I certainly have.  Here is an amazing story that will inspire you to realize that it is never too late to set goals and go for your dreams.  It’s incredible what is possible, really the only limits are those we set for ourselves.

On Sunday, August 8th, 61 year old Diana Nyad began her attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida, a feat she first undertook 33 years ago while in her 20s.  The 103-mile swim was estimated to take 60 hours of non-stop swimming.  She had trained vigorously for two years in order to set a record for open-water swimming without a shark cage.

Diana entering the water in Cuba

The sheer amount of training it took to get her body in shape is remarkable:  almost two years of daily six-, eight, 10- or 12-hour swims!

“I’m standing here at the prime of my life,” she told CNN as she was about to start.  “When one reaches this age, you still have a body that’s strong but now you have a better mind.” . . .she was undaunted. “I am a better athlete today than I was at 29,” she told CNN.  “The joke is the 60s are the new 40s, and it’s true. … I want to be there to say we have many, many years of vitality and strength and service left in us.”

During her swim Diana would burn tens of thousands of calories.  She would replace that energy with nutritionally rich fuel.  Every hour, she would stop swimming for just a few minutes to take in food and hydration.  A typical meal at one of these pit stops would include hard-boiled eggs, protein gels or peanut butter and a few ounces of an electrolyte-filled beverage.

Dr. Ken Kamler, a microsurgeon and expert on practicing medicine under extreme conditions, said that as Diana swims, her body will first turn to glucose for energy.  Once her body burns through the available sugar, it will start burning body fat as fuel, and finally will turn to protein once her fat stores are exhausted.  Once her body starts burning protein for energy, he said, she will be in a race to hit Key West before her body destroys muscle tissue.

“I’m almost 62 years old and I’m standing here at the prime of my life,” she said as she walked toward the sea.

“Live your life with passion, show your will,

you feel proud of yourself when you go to bed at night.”

“Be your best self.”

“You don’t have to do an epic thing.”

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This man is 75 years old!

This article in The Wall Street Journal is evidence that you can be fit, even super-fit, at any age.  Look at this guy, what an inspiration!

Time is a plenty in the retirement years to go to the gym (yet he only works-out one hour a day).  Stay fit so you can enjoy life!

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