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A picture is worth a thousand words…

Need I say more?

she weighs the same in each photo

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This post comes from an amazingly inspirational and talented guy named Martin Prihoda.

Years ago, I was browsing along 4th Avenue and came across some beautiful photographs that were on display in a store.  I called the photographer and told him that I loved his work.  We made plans to get together for a coffee, but it never materialized.

He then moved to India and has had incredible success.  He began a blog and I have followed his work ever since.

Interestingly, I found we were on the same wave length when it comes to living life.  Here is a wonderful post from his blog:

Why you will fail at your career (or anything really, like being fit & healthy)


you hear them everywhere, though mostly they’re in your mind:

too old
too young
in a relationship
have kids
not smart enough
no time
didn’t go to the right school
don’t have a good enough camera
the market is saturated
no one wants to pay for my skills
too much competition
not creative enough

with a little wisdom, some insight and a bit of self appreciation you’ll start to see excuses as symptoms of your inner patterning. We all have an inner dialogue that essentially defines who we are and what we become.

Thoughts become words become action becomes character becomes destiny. It’s as simple as that and you’ve heard it before.

People ask what it takes to become great, not necessarily at photography but anything.  My advice would always be to watch your mind, forget about anything else…just learn to watch your mind.

That alone right there will define your success or your failure. Guaranteed. 100%

Once you become aware of your negative thinking and your tendency to make excuses, you’ll begin to witness your deeper feelings and hidden opinions.

It takes a lot of work at first but you can change it. Just be aware. It doesn’t have to be this epic monumental undertaking (though the results most certainly will be), just simply tell yourself that you no longer believe your excuses. You start to invalidate them.

Your mind will scream at you at first and call you a fraud and how dare you hold a new opinion of yourself…but after some time the new thinking will take hold and new grooves will be etched. The mind is fluid so when you cease dragging the needle down that path it’ll fill back up as if it were water.

Next time you tell yourself that you didn’t go to the right college or you live in the wrong town or you’ve got the wrong whatever just know that you only need to do one thing…

…change your mind. It’s everything.

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Is there anything in particular you would like me to write about on my blog?

Do you have any questions for me?

Things about being fit, healthy and happy?

Simply comment below!  Would love to hear from you.

xo, Ali

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