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I want to share with you this lovely blog I came across called The Daily Love.  I have found it to be genuinely thoughtful and thought provoking.

Today’s edition seemed especially appropriate:

It’s so funny. I’ve written about this kind of major SNAG before. So, as you may know, I’m on a fitness quest. Have been for most of the year.

In the past six months, my back has gone out twice – once in my lower back and once in my rib area. I got back from London and have been rockin’ it at the gym. I even did my first Barry’s Bootcamp this week and it was AMAZING. My body is changing.

And then a couple of days ago, after a simple bicep exercise, I stand up and – BOOM, my lower back goes out – AGAIN. And I fall to the floor in crazy pain. It’s crazy ‘cuz you would think that something like this would happen when I am running really fast on a treadmill at Barry’s, or doing some kind of exercise that target’s my lower back – but it was a BICEP exercise. So strange.

Anyway, I’m so grateful for my trainer, Pam, because she has been nurturing me through these injuries. I would just stop, but she helps me to keep going. My back has a history of going out over the last ten years, probably about once every other year or so. I’m BEYOND grateful that I have such amazing humans who blog with TDL or are my friends, and I’m SERIOUS about this never happening again and so I’m talking to my dear friend, Tommy Rosen, who avoided MAJOR back surgery, as well as some other doctors and such.

In the past I would see moments like this as a reason to stop. As a reason to give up. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have a fitness goal and have this keep happening. But instead of seeing it as a setback, I simply see it as feedback. My body is asking to be strengthened. This is still a part of my recovery from all the damage I did to my body years ago with the drugs and alcohol, and I know that I will arrive at a point when this back pain is a thing of the past.

Also, last night, Jenna and I went to see The Bourne Legacy (fun movie, btw) and I was in a lot of pain with my lower back. Normally what I would do is say, “screw it” and go off my diet and eat whatever I want. But not last night. Stayed on track with my diet, too.

Fitness is a lifestyle and my (our) body requires love and attention. It’s been a key shift for me to learn to see setbacks as feedback. Not a reason to stop. Not a reason to make myself wrong. And not a reason to think that my goal isn’t achievable. I will tell you that out of all my goals, love, finances, business, etc. – the fitness goal has proven to be a master lesson for me in my life.

It’s like the way that I am learning a lot of the core lessons of my life is through my body. My intention is to feel vibrant and alive, now and for the rest of my years, and my goal to achieve that intention is to make taking care of my body (including my back) part of my lifestyle. I never used to see myself as an athlete, but I have that identity now. And soon my body will catch up with how I now see myself.

So, where in your life can you see setbacks as simply feedback? Leave a comment on the BLOG and let’s discuss!



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