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Have you ever read the ingredients on a candy bar? Well it ain’t pretty. They’re packed with stuff that’s bad for you. The main ingredient of concern (among many) is hydrogenated vegetable oil. It’s oil that’s been treated with hydrogen, if you can believe it, to make it stronger. This way when items are shipped they do not break as easily.
The only problem is, this oil does not break down in our bodies. In fact, we are not able to digest it at all so it sticks to our arteries collecting dust until there’s enough of it there to to block the artery all together and then we have to have it surgically removed, that’s if it doesn’t cause a heart attack first!

Hydrogenated oil is also known as “trans fats” and it’s become common to see food items marked “0 trans fats”. Well unfortunately this cannot be trusted.  Since I always read ingredient labels I was surprised to read “hydrogenated oil” on an ingredient list on a product that was labelled “0 trans fats”. “How strange”, I thought to myself, so I called Health Canada to get to the bottom of it.  Turns out Health Canada allows companies to label an item “0 trans fats” when it has under certain amount of hydrogenated oil. Can you believe it!? So always read the ingredient list even if it says “0 trans fats” (be aware that this oil is sometimes listed as “modified oil”).

I hope this is motivation enough to keep you from eating those horrid “treats”!

This time of year those evil little “candy bars” seem to be everywhere.  We see them in a little bowl at the reception desk or in the lunch room, tempting us to have one. After all, they’re so small and cute, they can’t do that much harm, we tell ourselves.

But really, think about it, do you really want to eat this thing that is packed with artificial flavours and hydrogenated oil?!  Is it really worth it?!

Ask yourself:

Is It Crap?

  • What are the ingredients in that tasty morsel?
  • Is it actually tasty & delicious or am I eating it out of: boredom? something to do? unconsciousness? feeling uncomfortable? obligation?
  • Is it made with artificial flavour and hydrogenated oil?  Or is it real made with natural ingredients?
  • What are natural ingredients you wonder? If you can’t pronounce it or don’t know what it means then it’s crap. Pretty simple, huh!?
  • Consider how you will feel after you eat it:  Crap makes you feel like crap!

Be picky!  Be choosy!  Don’t eat crap! Trust me it’s not worth it.

If you really are craving a treat go buy yourself something made with real wholesome ingredients.  Go to a real chocolate store or Whole Foods, there are so many choices now.  You can get chocolate made with real cocoa, cheesies made with real cheese, organic popcorn that is not packed with yellow dye, homemade cookies, there’s so much out there if you really want it.  You will start to be able to tell the difference between real and fake food and pretty soon you’ll have hard time eating the “crap” because it tastes like, well, crap.

Don’t eat crap!


After I had my son and he was old enough to participate in Halloween I got worried thinking about all the hydrogenated oil, artificial flavours, dyes and general crap that would be going into his body with all that Halloween candy.

So this is what I did:

  • I let him have all the candy he wanted on Halloween night.
  • I explained to him my concerns about the candy and how bad it was.
  • I offered to trade his candy bag for a toy (he LOVED the idea!).
  • The day after Halloween we would go to Toys R’ Us and get him a toy.
  • Make sure you get rid of the candy the day after Halloween as well! Out of sight, out of mind. And don’t stash it or you might eat it!
  • If he was feeling really sad about giving up his candy then I’d get him a few treats made with wholesome ingredients.
  • What to do with the candy? Leave it the alley, take it to your office, community centre, food bank or just throw it away, it’s garbage anyway.

To my surprise, my son won’t eat candy anymore, hasn’t for years, his choice. When given the information that is what he chose. That is not to say he doesn’t have treats sometimes, he just reads the ingredients and has the good ones.

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