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We all need to create more of this in our lives:

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“I am so grateful and happy that _____________.”

This simple exercise will change your life.

What you think you attract into your life, it’s the the Law of Attraction.  So focus on the things that you love about your life and you will attract more of it.  I truly believe this and have experienced it myself.

Even if you’re going through a difficult time you can find things to be grateful for:

“I am so grateful and happy that I have eyes to see”.

“I am so grateful and happy for this beautiful day”.

“I am so grateful and happy to be alive”.

One can start anywhere and go from there.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving I challenge you to a meditation:

“I am so grateful and happy that _____________”.

Say this over and over as often as you can and especially if you find yourself having negative thoughts, complaining or if you’re stressed out and anxious.

Try to make it a daily routine so you do it everyday at the same time or several times a day.  For instance, everyday when you…

– brush your teeth

– in the shower

– start your car

– take the dog for a walk

– wait in line

– are stopped at a red light

– when you wake up in the morning

– right before you to bed

– if you have insomnia

Feel the effect it has over you and then notice what starts to happen.

Why?  Well, simply put = Happiness

Trust me.  Good things will come your way!

Happy Thanksgiving!

xo, Ali

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