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You may recall a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about BIG MAGIC. I never suspected that I was about to get some BIG MAGIC of my own that very same day!

As you can tell from my blog post, I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the book Eat Pray Love.

Over the summer there was a contest to win the opportunity to meet her in person and attend a full day workshop with her on November 7th in Napa Valley, California. At that time I was feeling down because it was looking like I would have to cancel my Mexico Retreat (November 7 – 14) due to low registration. I entered the contest thinking if I win, it will make the fact that I will most likely have to cancel my Retreat more bearable. I battled my usual thoughts of “I never win anything!” by doing a little meditation that I would win.

On July 31st they announced the winner and it was not me. I was disappointed but still free to do my Retreat.

By mid-September I had a few people interested in attending my Retreat. I had to make the final decision whether to go ahead or not. Inspired by my would-be attendees enthusiasm and want to go, I decided to go ahead. (Excited and looking forward to it!)

Just few days later, and a few hours after by blog post about Big Magic, I received an email stating that I was the Grand Prize Winner of the contest! (I didn’t know they had decided to add a second winner to be announced in September). Imagine my surprise and delight, but also dismay as I was committed to my Retreat which began on the same day as the workshop with Elizabeth Gilbert!

After much deliberation and checking-in with my Retreat participants I’m ecstatic to tell you that I will be meeting Elizabeth Gilbert and attending her workshop in Napa! (Normally I would arrive at my Retreat Saturday evening, now I will be arriving Sunday morning).

I’m so grateful to my Retreat participants for their understanding and blessing and can’t wait to share with them (and you) my experience!

I don’t know where this is taking me but it feels like a divine intervention, something is happening and I’m going to follow it.

I hope this story inspires you open your ❤️ to the possibility of MAGIC in your life!

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