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Hope you are keeping well.

Have you noticed that some people out there are really crabby?!

It’s made me reflect on how much stress everyone is under, how cooped up and fed up people are. And unfortunately some are taking it out on others.

So I thought I would issue you a challenge this week to spread some positive vibes.

Let’s infuse some positivity into the small mundane things we do.

Let’s let positivity radiate from us and see what happens.

Let’s spread some love!

  • Here’s how to do it:Wake up in the morning and greet those around you with a hug, a kiss or a warm & loving word.
  • Smile at everyone you see.
  • Hold the door open for someone every day.
  • Be patient when you drive, don’t let anything get to you. Wave a thanks to those that let you in.
  • Be friendly to every the cashier at the grocery store, coffee shop, wherever you go.
  • Compliment people. “What a lovely hat”, “I love your hair”, look for something you love.
  • Call someone and say, “I appreciate/miss/love you”
  • Think of someone who may be feeling lonely, give them a call and, if you feel comfortable, get together at social distance.
  • Say thank you to someone you appreciate.
  • Focus on the positive, avoid negativity – in your thoughts and out loud.
  • Take a day or the week off from listening or watching the news or limit to once a day.
  • Look for ways be of service.

Off you go you little positivity fairies!

Notice how it feels when you do these things.

Take good care everyone❤️


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