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The weather in Vancouver has been SPECTACULAR!

It feels like like our reward for a looong dark cold grey rainy winter.

Hope you were able to enjoy it.

One thing I love about Vancouverites is we appreciate the sun so much, we don’t take it for granted. It’s the months of grey rain that makes us so grateful. I love how everyone runs outside to soak it up.

I have never seen our parks busier, every park in the city (even those that are usually empty) are brimming with people having picnics, playing games, barbecuing and dancing.

Given what’s happening in the world right now, I feel so grateful to have such incredible access to the outdoors. It’s made me appreciate our beautiful city even more.

I dusted off my bike last week and have started to go for early morning rides around the seawall. It feels so good! Sunrise is a very special time, as is sunset. There’s a reason it’s called “magic hour”, the light is, well, magical.
I especially love sunrise as very few people are out and those that out know we are part of a special club, that’s why we greet each other with a, “Good Morning!” with a huge smile on our face.

At sunset mother nature puts on quite a show. I love how people gather at the beach to watch, as if watching an actual show. Some nights it’s absolutely spectacular! It’s a great way to end the day.

I CHALLENGE YOU to get out, daily, at sunrise or sunset, or both if you can. It’s my daily goal and it makes me so happy.

I hope you will try it, I know you will love it!

If you’re on Instagram I invite you to post a photo with the hashtag #fitnessalichallenge so we can all see each other’s photos. I’ve tagged some of my photos, so check it out: when in Instagram go to the search and type in #fitnessalichallenge

It’ll be fun to see your photos, can’t wait!

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