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Like I keep saying, exercise is the only true Fountain of Youth!





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This short TED talk is worth watching!

It pertains to kids and exercise but really I think it pertains to all of us.

Dr. John J. Ratey explains how exercise makes us better in so many ways, not just physically, and that studies have proven that exercise is:

  • a good treatment for depression
  • decreases anxiety
  • a miracle growth for the brain
  • regulates emotions
  • improves motivation
  • increases attention span
  • increases planning skills
  • decreases procrastination
  • daily exercise is the equivalent of taking a little bit of Prozac and Ritalin everyday
  • keeps our brain cells young and perky
  • optimizes the brain to learn
  • one of the best ways to prevent cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease

Exercise is powerful!

Use it to your advantage!

Physical activity is clearly a high-yield investment!

Set small attainable goals to get you started. As you stick with it you can add to your goals.

Think of all the benefits to keep you motivated!

* Make sure to get an okay from your doctor before you start a new exercise program.



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runnerHave you ever noticed when you spent a lot of time still, like sitting for long periods, you feel sore all over?

I always find this.  For instance, if I have a project I’m working on and I spent a lot of time at my desk sitting immobile when I finally get up my back hurts, my neck hurts, my knees hurt.  Seems odd in a way doesn’t it? I mean, it’s not like I’m working out.

The reason is our body is a machine that is meant to move.  It’s not meant to be immobile, it’s not meant to be still, it’s meant to be in action.  When we move, our joints get lubricated, our blood circulates and our muscles get stimulated.  That’s what they’re for!

So make sure you’re moving your body every day.

Walking is great, but truthfully, I don’t think it’s enough. Walk, yes, but also do something more, something that challenges your heart and your muscles*. If walking is your thing, do intervals where you walk faster and get your heart rate up, find some stairs to climb, engage your core as you walk, sit on a bench up and down until you feel the work in your leg muscles, walk up a steep hill., challenge yourself! Simple easy walking is not exercise, it’s just life .

(* check with your doctor before starting an exercise program)

So think of your body as a machine that needs daily maintenance in the form of movement and give it what it needs to stay strong and healthy!

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I strongly believe that almost all ailments of age can be prevented with exercise, a healthy diet and a positive outlook on life.  Truly, this the the fountain of youth.

This video does such a great job of illustrating that.

“As long as I’m growing and learning then age doesn’t matter”.

“People start stopping, that’s when they start getting old”.

So worth watching!


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I did some research on how exercise affects our happiness. I found many studies and articles on the topic with scientific data to support that, yes, in fact, exercise makes us feel happier.

As I find with many of these things, I could have told you that! 😉

It’s so interesting to me that we often need a study to tell us what we instinctively know inside.

So instead of quoting this study and that study I ask you to look inside yourself and reflect.

How do you feel when you exercise?

For me, I feel:

  • stronger
  • more focused
  • more confident
  • calmer and energized at the same time
  • and yes, happier!

I also find that I sleep better, I’m in a better mood, I eat better and I have a more positive outlook.

So what are you waiting for?!

Connect with how you feel and how you want to feel.

There’s no downside to exercising.

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SingleBallJumping41000pixLast week I taught 18 classes, yes eighteen.

Among them some really tough boot-camp style classes and a super tough spin class.
To be honest I was concerned I might not be able to get through them all.

As the week began, I thought to myself, “Gee-sh, what was I thinking!?”, I’m going to be dead tired after this.

But no.

I found myself so infused with energy I could hardly sleep!

I would fall a sleep in one second but then wake up 6 hours later raring to go, even though I desperately wanted to sleep longer.

I thought, “Oh no, I’m going to need to nap in the afternoon”.
But no, I did not feel tired in the afternoon.
Between classes I found myself with boundless energy.
I got so much done, I had an incredibly productive week.
By the end of the week I was craving more!
I even considered going to a class for myself, but thought better of it.
There were a few moments I had settled in at home and didn’t feel like going out to teach.
I put some energetic music on and by the time I arrived at class I had all the energy I needed.
So the next time you’re sitting at home and you don’t feel like going to workout and you know you should and you kinda want to but you’re just tired.  Put some music on that gives you energy, force yourself into your workout clothes and just make yourself go because that bit of exercise will give you so much back!  Trust me, I know.

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We all know that working out is good for us and we should do it more often but sometimes we just can’t find the motivation.  In my 30 years of teaching fitness classes I have noticed a few things that help in the motivation department:
1) Enjoy It
If you don’t enjoy the exercise you won’t want to do it.  So find a physical activity you enjoy:
  • If you enjoy being outdoors do something outdoors like walking, biking, running, beach volleyball, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing.
  • If you love to socialize join a team: baseball, cricket, volleyball, basketball, soccer or exercise with a friend.
  • If you love dancing take a dance class like salsa, ballroom, hip-hop, ballet, etc.
  • Find an instructor you really like.  If you like their class you’re more likely to go.


2) Attitude
Your attitude towards working out is very important.  If you have a negative attitude and consider it “work” that is how it will feel, difficult and unenjoyable.  You will basically feel what you think so regard it with a positive attitude and the positive feeling towards working out will follow.  This also applies to how you talk about your workouts.  Be positive!  Even if you don’t feel like working out don’t say, “Ugh, I should go to the gym now but I’m just so tired I don’t want to go”, you will invariably talk yourself out of it.  Instead say, “I’m off to my class, I always feel so good afterwards”.  Focus on the positive.
3) Set a realistic goals and expectations
So often when people want to get in shape they set huge unrealistic goals and expectations.
For instance, you wouldn’t go out tomorrow and run a marathon.  It would be impossible and you would fail, not mention probably injure yourself.  Realistically you would make a plan.  You would start slowly; long walks at first, building up to walk/run intervals, then just running, then increasing your time, etc.  Each step of the way would empower you to move to the next step.
Set small goals that you can easily attain and then when you attain them you can set the goal a little higher and then a little higher, etc.  As you attain each small goal you will feel good and this will fuel you to keep going.  When we set goals that are too big and unrealistic and then are unable to fulfill them we can feel like a failure and quit.
In terms of expectations.  Know that it takes a lot of working out and eating right to look like the fitness models you see in magazines.  Don’t expect that by taking one “Six Pack Abs” class once a week will magically produce six pack abs overnight.  Also, people often come to class for the first time expecting to be able to do everything at the top level even though they haven’t been working out for while.  Patience and persistence is key.  Workout regularly and you will see changes in your body.  It won’t happen overnight.  Depending on how often you work out it will take at least a week (if you’re working out every day) up to a few months (once a week) to feel and see change.
4) Convenient
Whatever you are doing, it must be as convenient as possible.  The more convenient it is the more likely it is to stick.  Make sure the time is a good time for you, make sure the location is convenient for you and make sure what you’re doing is also convenient.  For instance, I love hot yoga, but because after class I am literally soaked head to toe I need to factor in extra time to shower.  So it becomes a longer time commitment which at times deters me from going.  Whereas going for brisk walk down to the beach I can control the amount of time, it can be short or it can be long to suit my convenience.  Also if the location of your activity is far away, has limited parking or you do not like the feel of the location, all these things can deter you from going.  Take them all into account and try to have everything stacked in your favour.
5) Commit
When people sign-up for a weekly class and put their money down they are  more likely to go then if they just have a vague plan.  Same goes when we make a commitment with a friend to meet for a walk or run at a certain time on a certain day every week.  Same goes if you join a team where other people are depending on you.  So make a realistic commitment and then stick to it.  And if you’re buddying up with a friend make sure it’s a friend who will help you, not hinder you.
6) Make It a Routine
Humans love routine.  Whatever your form of exercise slot it into a routine at the same time same day every week and then make it a priority.  Put it on your calendar to ensure you don’t schedule anything else in that time slot.  Once you stick to your routine for a while it will feel second nature and you won’t question it you will just do it.
7) Connect
Connect with how working out makes you feel.  Notice the changes in your mood and body as a result of the exercise you’re doing.  When you connect with those good feelings you will want to workout more often.
Connect with the people.
If you go to a class every week, chances are you’re seeing the same people every week.  Yet so often people don’t acknowledge each other.  If you start to connect with other participants you are more likely to continue to go to the class.  Why not become friends?! You have something in common.
Start by simply making eye contact and smiling.  Then say, “hello” and acknowledge that you recognize your fellow participants from the week before.  Then, introduce yourself and make small talk.  Be friendly.  When the class is over say your good-byes and say, “See you next week”.  You may even make some new friends!
I make a point of doing this in my classes; I introduce people to each other and facilitate this friendly exchange.  It’s wonderful to see a sense of community build in the class.  I have seen many friendships form and even some couples!
7) Music
Music can be huge motivator when you’re working out.  If you workout on your own in the gym or go for a run find music that gives you energy and propels you forward.You can use this same playlist if you’re sitting at home finding it hard to motivate yourself to go workout.  I often do this when I’ve settled in for the evening but have to go teach a class but feeling low energy.  I put my music on loud and it totally wakes me up and energizes me, I continue with the music in the car and by the time I arrive to class I’m full of energy.

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