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Let’s not get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas! We can begin to feel like we don’t have enough when in fact….

… we really are the lucky ones.

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Warning: may bring a little tear to your eye.

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So it was my birthday over the weekend.  We had a Christmas Party on Saturday and then Sunday I spent the day celebrating my birthday.

At the party on Saturday there were a lot of delectable treats and I could not resist, I ate a lot and enjoyed it.  Delicious homemade pie, cake, little tarts, delicious salads, etc.  I woke up Sunday still full, so I didn’t eat until noon.   We went out for brunch to celebrate my birthday.  I ordered an omelette (which from experience, is way too much for me) and I had the delicious butter covered warm homemade toast (I don’t normally eat wheat or butter).  I ate the whole thing and it was delicious.  I felt totally over-stuffed.

We spent the day walking the city so at least that helped with digestion.  In the afternoon my Dad came by for a cup of tea to celebrate my birthday.  He brought cake, I ate it even though I was still full.  Thankfully there was more walking.   We had a late dinner at 9pm, I had the works; butter chicken, rice, naan and gulab jamun for dessert.  I was stuffed.

I feel like I gained 10 lbs this weekend!

In three days it’s Christmas so I need to Ying the Yang so I can enjoy Christmas treats for two days without really gaining 10 lbs.

So this is what I will do for the next three days:

  1. Start the day by drinking a litre of luke warm water.  It usually takes me about an hour, I drink one glass at a time.  Helps flush everything out and hydrate me for the day.
  2. I have a protein shake for breakfast: 1 cup of almond milk, 1 scoop of Natural Factors Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder and 1 scoop same in Chocolate.
  3. I have 2 glasses of water before lunch.
  4. Lunch is a big salad with lettuce, tomatoes, beets, tofu, 1 boiled egg and sprouts in a vinaigrette (no creamy fatty dressings)
  5. I have 2 glasses of water before dinner.
  6. For dinner, I make a big pot of organic hearty vegetable soup: green onions, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, brussel sprouts, green beans and yams, sometimes I add garbanzo beans.  I have as many bowls as I want.
  7. If I get hungry in between meals I have an apple, banana, orange or hummus spread on a cucumber slice with an olive on top.
  8. I go for a workout.
  9. Repeat the next day.

It’s kind of a cleanse I guess.  Makes me feel good, cleared out and I lose a few pounds. I don’t actually weigh myself but I feel lighter and my clothes are looser.  I find it re-sets me and gets me away from the sugar and fat.  Sugar and fat are so addictive, you have it one day and then you crave it again the next, it’s easy to get on that train if you’re not aware.

When I Ying the Yang I can enjoy treats without guilt, remorse or detrimentally affecting my health.


Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season!

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The Ying and the Yang

Where there is a ying there should be a yang to keep things in balance.  In other words what goes in needs to come out, in one form or another.

In addition to “pre-paying” for your indulgences (Holiday Eating Strategies I), here is what I do on the day of an event when I want to enjoy tasty treats guilt-free:

PREPARE  The day of the event:

  • if the event is in the evening, drink at least 8 cups of water through-out the day (and everyday!) – start your day with a big glass of water before you do anything else, it will clear you out and give you energy, then have a glass of water every hour for the next 7 hours.
  • eat a light breakfast and lunch but not to the point that you are starving when you arrive at the event and then pig out.
  • drink two glasses of water right before the event and if you are hungry have a light healthy snack before you go (like an apple or banana).

At the event:

  • Avoid starchy food that will make you feel bloated and full:  rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, crackers, etc.
  • Be picky!  Be choosy!  Don’t eat crap!  Savour the food you love, take your time!
  • Consider each thing you eat and ask yourself: Is it worth it?  Is it crap?  Is the extra cellulite worth it?  How will I feel after I eat this?  Crap makes you feel like crap!
  • Eat one and enjoy it.  Having more does not make it more enjoyable especially if you feel sick from over-eating afterwards.
  • What to do if you find yourself parked by the chips eating the entire bowl even though you don’t like them:
    • Recognize what you are doing
    • Ask yourself why… am I bored? uncomfortable? eating unconsciously?
    • Pull yourself away and drink a tall glass of water
    • Repeat if you find yourself back at the bowl

After the event:

  • Skip breakfast if you ate a lot and are still feeling full the next morning – the key here is to take a moment to notice how you feel.
  • Make sure you drink at least 8 cups of water the next day (and everyday!)
  • Eat extra healthy the next few days: salads, fruit, vegetables, lean meat (and everyday!)
  • It’s just as easy to lose a few pounds as it is to gain a few pounds.  Do not starve yourself to do this!  That is the absolute worst tactic.  Just eat healthy, no crap, small portions, lots of water, cut the sugar.
  • Make sure you have at least one bowel movement the next day (and everyday!).  If it’s not coming, check your water intake and drink more. Also, I find a big salad always helps.  Still not coming, drink 1/2 of a glass of prune juice and wait half an hour.  If still nothing, another 1/2 of a glass and wait, repeat until success.
  • Go for a long walk, a run, to the gym, to a class…  workout!

to be continued…

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After I have decided on what I want (see previous post), I start to think about situations where I’ll have the opportunity to stuff my face:

·   Treats at the office
·   Xmas parties
·   Xmas Dinner
·   Office Parties
·   Open Houses
·   Dinner Parties
·   Family gatherings
·   Treats around the house
·   Gifts that are treats

Then I think about the food that will be available at these events and whether I’ll want to enjoy it.

Stop and consider: Is It Worth It?

I ask myself:

  • Is stuffing my face for the month of December worth the extra pounds at the end?
  • How will I feel January 1st with an extra X pounds on my frame? Was it really that enjoyable?
  • Were those delectable treats delectable at all?
  • At the end of Christmas dinner, how do I want to feel?  Do I want to have to undo my button and zipper?  Do I want to feel bloated and sick?
  • Do I really need to eat three plates full of Xmas dinner?  Is it actually more enjoyable when I eat more?

Is It Crap?

  • What are the ingredients in that tasty morsel?
  • Is it actually tasty & delicious or am I eating it out of: boredom? something to do? unconsciousness? feeling uncomfortable at a party? obligation?
  • Is it made with artificial flavour and hydrogenated oil?  Or is it real made with natural ingredients?
  • What are natural ingredients? If I can’t pronounce it or don’t know what it means then it’s crap. Pretty simple, huh!?
  • How do I know it’s crap if it’s on a platter and there is no package to read?  I look it over, does it look like it’s made from natural ingredients or from a package? If it’s homemade chances, are it’s not crap.  If it looks like it’s from a package, chances are it’s crap.  The more I check the ingredients, in general, the more I have learned to tell the difference and taste the difference.  You will be amazed at the difference once you get into it.
  • I consider how I will feel after I eat it.  Crap makes me feel like crap.

Be picky!  Be choosy!  Don’t eat crap! Trust me it’s not worth it.

Just eat food you love and enjoy.


This is a big one.  Once you’ve decided on what you want, embrace it.  What you think and say to yourself after that is everything.  If you start to lament that you’re on a “diet”, that you can’t eat this or that, that you wish you could but you don’t want to gain weight, then you’re hooped, it’ll be difficult to stick to your plan.

Focus on the positive.

Focus on what you’re having instead of what you’re not having. With the right attitude you won’t miss a thing and enjoy what you have.

to be continued….

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