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What if there was something you could right now that would have an immediate and long lasting positive benefit for your brain including mood and focus and it would also protect your brain from depression, Alzheimers and dementia, would you do it?

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Pilates & Restorative Yoga Retreat with Ali

Good-bye rain!

Hello Sunshine!

Hello Palm Trees!

First of many sunrise walks.

Heaven on earth!


It doesn’t get much better than this!

Time is passing slowly, a day begins to feel like a week

Mayan adventures – felt like Indiana Jones!


Mud face masks on the beach

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This man is 75 years old!

This article in The Wall Street Journal is evidence that you can be fit, even super-fit, at any age.  Look at this guy, what an inspiration!

Time is a plenty in the retirement years to go to the gym (yet he only works-out one hour a day).  Stay fit so you can enjoy life!

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